Recrues 2016 : Ben Copher OL

Rencontre avec notre deuxième recrue américaine Ben Copher, Offensive line et prêt à en découdre en D2 cette saison.

What made you want to play football overseas ?
I wanted to play overseas because I wanted the opportunity to play the game of football again at a high level and be able to see a different culture and way of life

What brought you to sign with Les Templiers ?
I signed with the Templiers because I like their team atmosphere and they are a team that can play at a high level and play against good competition.

What do you feel you will bring to the team ?
I feel as though I’ll bring a lot of football knowledge to any team that I play on, also a lot of drive and fire in playing games and preparing during practice to be ready to fire on all cylinders come game time.

You have always played OL, but is there another position you would have liked to play ?
I have played every position on the offensive line except center, but one position I always want to play is defensive line and hopefully that will happen with the Templiers!

What’s your biggest strength on the field ?
My biggest strength on the field is the ability to be a technician on the field. My college position coached was strict on technique so during my time at Ohio Dominican University, technique was something I strived to be great at.

Your biggest weakness ?
My biggest weakness was my open field speed and agility but I have shed a lot of weight, and learned a lot more about how to move properly so I am excited to see how much I have improved on that weakness!

What are some of your hobbies, any hidden talents ?
Some hobbies I have away from football, would be playing video games and writing poetry. I also enjoy kickboxing and learning new things about the sport of boxing and also nutrition,   different things about exercise as well. None of those I would consider a hidden talent though, just things I do for fun!

Your favorite athlete ?
My favorite athlete would probably be Joe Thomas or James Harrison. Those guys have been playing in the NFL for so long and playing at such a high level, in a physical position, but hardly ever get any type of glory for performing well on such a consistent basis !

Any last words ?
Last words would be I am excited to get the pads on again and play the game I have loved since I was five years old! Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to where I am at, my family, my wonderful girlfriend, and my ApPrep family!GO TEMPLIERS!!!!