Keith Reynolds arrive chez les Templiers

L’import US de la saison chez les Templiers va faire parler de lui rapidement, tant son expérience et son talent sont grands. Les coachs sont ravis de le voir renforcer l’escouade défensive des séniors. Ancien joueur de CFL et d’IFL, il aura a cœur de montrer la voie à ses coéquipiers et réaliser une saison haute en couleur.

Petite interview en anglais pour faire connaissance avec Keith :

What made you want to play football overseas ?

It’s an great opportunity and I’m able to show my talents internationally. As well as experience other cultures.

What brought you to sign with Les Templiers ?

I was given the opportunity and it was an honor to play football again.

What do you feel you will bring to the team ?

I can bring experience to the team, leadership, and if I can play at a high level I feel I can get my teammates on the field to do so as well.

Where have you played ?

Coahoma Community College (lead the team in tackles and was in the top 3 tacklers in the league,
Played in Mississippi Community College All Star Game),
University of Arkansas at Monticello (Lead my team in tackles both years, All American Honorable Mention),
Edmonton Eskimos – CFL,
Green Bay Blizzards – IFL (One of the Top tacklers on the team)

Is there another position you would have liked to play ?

I would love to play quarterback but I don’t think that fits me lol.

What’s your biggest strength on the field ?

My speed and aggressiveness.

Your biggest weakness ?

I tend to push myself beyond my boundaries.

What are some of your hobbies, any hidden talents ?

I love to collect pets and learn their ways. I’ve also picked up photography and I’m loving being on the art side of the world, gives you a different look of life.

Your favorite athlete ?

My favorite athlete would have to be Lawrence Taylor, he opened the door for smaller fast linebackers and he single handedly changed the game.



Any last words ?

To any kids or even adults if you have a dream or even an talent. Never give up on yourself and do whatever it takes to push yourself to reach your dream or see your talents prevail!!